About Strength Lab


Strength Lab is Melbourne's leading transformation and physique coaching studio

StrengthLab is Melbourne's leading transformation and physique coaching personal training studio. We help people from all walks of life take control of their fitness and health, guiding people on how to radically transform their bodies using a holistic approach which will have you feeling vibrant and healthy as you get into the best shape of your life. We experience first-hand the difference it makes in peoples lives when they become fit, healthy, strong and confident. This isn't just about losing weight or getting bigger arms. We know optimising your health and fitness is the best way to improve your ENTIRE life - and with our unique coaching options this level of expert help is finally available to everyone. 

What began as a small studio for owners Eric and Andrew to focus on coaching their own clients has quickly turned into the most sought after coaching facility in Melbourne, with a team of coaches ready to help you get to your goals. Strength Lab is built around full-service coaching - this means we'll guide you through every aspect of your fitness journey and be with you every step of the way.

The Team Strength Lab

No matter which coaching program you choose, we pride ourselves on always delivering:

  • A level of knowledge and expertise far beyond what is offered by any other Personal Training studio or Health Coach in Melbourne

  • A holistic way of coaching - we'll make sure you actually feel better as your physique changes

  • Fully customised programming for every single client - this means no matter where you are in your fitness journey you will get the service YOU need

  • A focus on health, vitality and permanent results. This means no crash dieting and no unsustainable training programs. You will get to your results, and you will know how to keep them

We see diet as more than just a simple equation of calories. We see training as more than just smashing yourself in the gym every day and hoping for the best. If you're ready to move on from these over-simplified approaches and take your fitness to the next level its time NOW to get in touch. We are always growing and intakes can be limited, getting in touch will be the best decision you make in your fitness journey.