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We are specialists in competition preparation and have worked with countless competitors over the last 10 years. Our world class coaches will take your physique and conditioning to the next level while also prioritising your health.

We have experience training competitors from all divisions in all federations including ICN, ANB, IFBB, WFF, WBFF and PCA.

We offer both online and face to face contest prep packages.

Our Competition Prep Packages include:

  • Complete Coaching which guides you on exactly what to do in and out of the gym from beginning to end of your competition preparation

  • One on One Personal Training to push you to get the most out of each session and make sure you are doing each exercise and set right (optional)

  • Competition Preparation Training Programming: We will layout a periodised plan for your training program that is personalised to you and will peak you for your upcoming show

  • Competition Preparation Nutrition Plan: Personalised nutrition plan that is adjusted based on your progress

  • Personalised Supplement Protocol based on optimising your health and results

  • Periodical measurements, photos and body fat measurements to track your results

  • Advice on the best suited federation and division for your physique type

  • 1 on 1 Posing classes to show your best physique on stage

Strength Lab Competition Preparation Packages start at 12 weeks as thats the minimum amount of time we need to work with you to get you ready for a competition.

Check out some of our competitors results below.

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