Strength Lab is Melbourne’s Leading Personal Training Studio. Founded by Andrew Corbisiero and Eric Ali. Their vision was to create a personal training studio that educates their clients and gets real results.

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Sadly we see a lot of clients coming from either training on their own or with other trainers that are not getting the results they should be getting and still not doing things safely.

We don’t just offer personal training sessions like other PT studios or gyms where you pay for an amount of time with a trainer. We give you a complete plan that includes personal training sessions that will get you the results you are chasing. That includes everything you need to do outside of your personal training sessions to get you to your goal.

We focus on teaching you how to move correctly so you can train with intensity and not injure yourself in the process.

We specialise in building lean muscle and losing body fat through our methods of weight training and nutrition.

We have transformed hundreds of clients both physically and mentally. We gaurantee you’ll look better, get stronger and have more energy day to day with our complete program.

We are not a membership gym. We only offer private personal training so that there’s no waiting for equipment and your trainer will be working with you every step of the way through your transformation journey.

Our One on One Personal Training Packages Include:

  • One On One Personal Training Sessions with one of our world class trainers that will 10x your results

  • Complete Coaching which guides you on exactly what to do in and out of the gym. Our coaching includes nutrition advice, personalised meal plans and periodized training programs to follow when you're not training with one of our trainers (optional)

  • Periodical measurements, photos and body fat measurements to track your results

  • Personalised Supplement Protocol based on your goal and health

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