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One On One Coaching

I need some training. What sets you guys apart from everyone else
who offers 1 on 1 coaching, and what can i expect?

Glad you asked!

Andy and Eric bring more than just experience in this industry – “experience” is easy to gain if you start working as a trainer and just keep training people for a few years, without much thought into upskilling or learning more about how to bring about rapid change in people’s bodies in the most effective way.

We bring plenty of experience, but we also bring a passion for knowledge and for helping people. Our biggest strength at Strength Lab is the pride we take in always increasing our knowledge in this field, always challenging what we’re doing at the moment and always looking for a better way. Almost once a week Andy and Eric will disagree and argue about something, and this leads to us diving into the research to find the answers and become better coaches.

What sets us apart is the way we see fat loss, muscle gain and performance enhancement. We don’t see it as a mathematical formula, something which can be worked out just by calculating calories per day and sets per workout. We see these issues in the broader picture. We see the human being who is trying to tackle these issues, and all the different aspects of that human being’s physiology which will affect how quickly and effectively we can get them to their goals.

Your sleep quality, hormonal profile, stress management, past and current training, genetics, past and current dieting, cardiac profile and more are all aspects we use to make very real changes to your diet and training programs. We’ll go more in depth about your physiology than you’ve been with any coach you’ve worked with in the past, and this is what helps us design a diet and training program specifically for you and how your body is behaving at this moment in time.

We wanna make a promise to you right now: We know our coaching will be different to any you’ve had in the past. We know it will be more in depth and specific than any program you’ve had in the past too. And we promise that whatever your goals are, we’ll figure out exactly what the state of your body is at the moment and we’ll use that info to figure out exactly how to get you to those goals in the safest, fastest and most enjoyable way.