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Strength Lab’s signature offering is our coaching service. About 70% of our clients are on coaching rather than personal training, and its this system we use to get such amazing transformations for most of our clients!

The advantage? You get our expert help and individual programming and guidance through your ENTIRE transformation while being able to train at any gym thats close to you!

Training phases are planned according to your goals and change completely every 4-6 weeks so we can continually adapt and shift focus, building on what we’ve achieved in the previous phases. Diet changes happen continually as they’re needed.

See, most people who come to us already have some experience training, they don’t need us to take them through the basics in the gym. What they need is a program designed by experts, measurements taken weekly to assess progress, and changes made to the program whenever progress begins to stall. This ensures results keep coming and we get you to your goal!

We’ve got clients from all over Victoria, and they come to us because they need advice from a body transformation team who actually know what they’re doing - and they can’t find this advice from the trainers in their local gym (or the forums online )

Our custom built app allows us to deliver this service entirely remotely, although we do like if you can pop into the studio every couple weeks so we can take in-depth measurements and you can meet the Strength Lab pups

Our Strength  coaching packages allow you to work with one of our world class coaches who will program your training, nutrition and supplementation to get you the best results possible.

Our Strength Lab Coaching Packages Include:

  • Personalised Training Program that is periodised and tailored to your specific goal and physiology

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan that is tailored to your specific goal and adjusted periodically as you make progress

  • Personalised Supplement Protocol based on your goal and health

  • Periodical measurements, photos and body fat measurements to track your results



Start working with us. Pop your details into the form on the right, along with the best time to call. So we can help you out best, please also tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to start working with Strength Lab. 

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