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If you’re unable to train in our studio face to face the Strength Lab App makes our coaches and training services available to you wherever you are.

Have your personalised training and nutrition program at your fingertips 24/7 with our online training.

Our coaches will design a program specifically for you after an initial consult including training, nutrition and supplementation.

Online training is reserved for intermediate to advanced trainees or people who have done some induction sessions at Strength Lab.

With all of our programs we guarantee the best results possible and to do that we need to make sure that you are training correctly so we may ask you to come into the studio for a few sessions before getting started with online training if you are a beginner.

The advantage? You get our expert help and individual programming and guidance through your ENTIRE transformation while being able to train at any gym thats close to you!

Training phases are planned according to your goals and change completely every 4-6 weeks so we can continually adapt and shift focus, building on what we’ve achieved in the previous phases. Diet changes happen continually as they’re needed.

Our custom built app allows us to deliver this service entirely remotely, although you can pop into the studio every couple weeks so we can take in-depth measurements and you can meet the Strength Lab team.

Our Strength Lab Online Coaching Packages Include:

  • Personalised Training Program that is periodised and tailored to your specific goal and physiology

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan that is tailored to your specific goal and adjusted periodically as you make progress

  • Personalised Supplement Protocol based on your goal and health

  • Periodical measurements, photos and body fat measurements to track your results

  • Complete support and guidance from your Strength Lab Coach