”I have been training with Eric since November 2018, and since then, I have taken on an entirely new view of weight training, fitness and the importance of my overall health. I came to Strength Lab with the goal of learning the basics so that I could finally overcome my gym anxieties at the hope of giving my life the fitness overhaul it needed.

The team at Strength Lab have gone above and beyond in educating and encouraging me to reach my goals, and through their passion, commitment and sheer love for what they do, I have discovered a newfound interest in bodybuilding.

I don't think I would have had as positive of an experience in overcoming my initial fears if it wasn't for Strength Lab, not to mention the fellow client friends I have made along the way! I look forward to seeing my overall changes with their support in the coming months. Let's get lean!”



“Throughout my 20’s I tried numerous amounts of training and eating plans to achieve a body that I always want to have.

After a friend of mine introduced me to the team at Strength Lab, I thought I would give it a go as this might be able to help educate me on how the world of training and nutrition works.  I am now 35 years of age and, after training with Johnny for over a year now, it certainly has changed it overwhelmingly.

I have been a ballroom/latin dancer for eight years now and throughout this time it has been very hard to express myself, especially out on the dance floor/stage.  Now I can honestly say that after the help received from Johnny, my confidence has levelled up to a high and now I am known as the “showpiece superstar” on the dance floor.

After this life changing transformation, I have finally achieved the body that I have always dreamt of and coupled with my increased amazing confidence, I have now decided to compete in the upcoming ICN Victorian Championships in September.

Thank you Johnny and to all the team at Strength Lab.”



“I came to strengthlab with some gut issues and needing some accountability. Being a personal trainer I was too busy looking after everyone else to look after myself!.

Andy fixed my gut issues in days and then we focused on leaning out and then bulking up a few times over the past 2 years! I now have more flexibility with my eating and training and know how to get the most out of my body in terms of training, nutrition and recovery!.

I'm extremely happy with how my body has progressed in the past few years and Andy has played a massive role in that! Hiring a coach is the best thing you can do as an average gym goer, even trainers need coaches! I look forward to continue working with Andy in the future and keep achieving optimal body composition results 👌🏼".

Thanks Josh, love ya bro! ♥