Victoria Kanellos

My whole life has revolved around sport and fitness at a very high competitive level, from a young age competing in swimming and soccer to now competing in fitness/ physique competitions.

I have also spent a decent amount of time in my life studying and working alongside young people with disabilities I have experience training clients with an array of disabilities both mental and physical.

I have a passion for creating good habits to help people stick to their fitness goals rather then just telling someone what to do which you could just find generic internet programs/use apps.

I like to create relationships with my clients where I can support them in creating good habits that stick and inevitably create a healthier lifestyle for that person.

Food and nutrition is also a passion of mine, creating a healthy relationship with food and the understanding of eating a balanced/ flexible diet where we still have the chance to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Over the past years I have trained clients at gyms around Melbourne and have trained with high end coaches which have filled me with the knowledge i currently have.

My specialties

  • injury prevention/ rehab

  • Disability exercise

  • Nutrition

  • Sports specific training

  • Strength and hypertrophy training

  • Creating healthy life habits

  • Supplementation

I am 100% invested in people that are serious about wanting to change their lives, their bodies and their habits that may be holding them back