Lifestyle Factors Which Effect Your Results

You’ve had it drilled into you, diet is everything, abs are made in the kitchen, some stupid number 80% nutrition 20% exercise... this has all got lost, confused and some how come out the other end with if you eat less calories you’ll lose weight.

Which in theory is true, but also leaves the gates wide open for you neglect all the other aspects you need to account for.

Too often we see people (and some coaches) blaming the diet for the lack of results they are getting and hear “shouldn’t we drop my calories” before peeking behind the curtain to see the rest of the lifestyle. .
Before we can start making changes to a diet to get a result the individual needs to be consistently hitting the foundations:

💢Daily Movement, 10,000 steps, less then 8000 can drive up Ghrelin (hunger hormone) making dieting a lot harder
💢8 hours sleep, making the time and effort to shut off technology and distractions before bed and don’t wake up to a scroll through the gram
💢De-stress, hard given each individual has different lives & responds differently, simply you have to deal with it the best you can. Put strategies in place and plan your time better
💢Training Intensity - it’s one thing to say you go to the gym but what do those workouts look and feel like? Get a structured plan with progressions and make sure each time you set foot in the gym you’re training like your life depends on it, for some it might ...
💢Drinking enough god damn water

❇️ When all of the above is happening you put the body in an optimal and efficient position to move towards whatever goal you’re after - building lean muscle, dropping fat, athletic performance - your body is now in the best possible environment for it. From there we will manipulate the diet over a period of time to allow for results to keep flowing 🙌🏽

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