You don’t need to eat that much! How To Gain Muscle

You don’t need to eat that much. 

This one’s mainly for the guys who’ve been training for a couple years but still look soft and flabby. It’s pretty simple dude - you eat too fkn much. 

You don’t have as much muscle on your frame as you think you do, the muscle you do have doesn’t require as many calories to maintain as you think it does, you don’t train that hard (you’re thinking pfft he’s talking about all the other guys, not me. No. I’m talking about you) and you’d look 10x better if you just quit treating your mouth like a garbage disposal and dropped bodyfat.

We’ve talked about it before, there’s no good reason for any guy to be sitting above 12% - 13% bodyfat even during your “bulking” phases. In fact, you’ll bulk a lot better if you’re sitting at 12% because your body is in a much better state to be building muscle when you’re lean, mean and insulin sensitive. When you’re carrying more bodyfat your body WILL shuttle more nutrients into the direction of fat rather than muscle. This is not what you want.

If you’re just starting training and you struggle to fill out a shirt then obviously this doesn’t apply to you. But if you’ve been training for a couple years, fill out a t-shirt reasonably well but you look like a little soft eclair when your top is off then take our advice. CUT BODYFAT NOW. 

You’re NOT going to lose muscle when you drop your cals a little. You WILL look 10 times better and grow muscle faster when you’re lean.

Not sure how to cut and too scared to try coaching from us cos we might make you work too hard 😪? No worries: 

Take your bodyweight in kg. Multiply by 25-30 (25 if you’ve got an office job, 30 if your on the tools all day). Thats how many calories you’re going to have per day. Write it down.

Now take your bodyweight again and multiply by 1.8 - that’s how many grams of protein you’re going to have each day. Write it down. 

Take your bodyweight again and multiply by .9 - that’s how many grams of fat you’re having each day. Write it down.

You now know how many grams of protein and how many grams of fat you need each day. Download myfitnesspal and add meats / eggs / whey protein / olive oil / grass fed butter / coconut oil / peanut butter until you hit those gram amounts (it’s ok to be a little bit over on either of them). Now make up whatever remaining calories you’ve got for the day from carbs. 

Eat that. When fat loss stalls reduce by about 170-250 cals, ideally from a reduction in carbs. 

Do that until you’re not so fat. Start now because it WILL take you longer than you think to cut down to where you wanna be.

If fat loss seems to stall for longer than it should or something seem’s gummed up then you probably need our help - message us. Also if you can’t be bothered doing the above calculations and want us to plan something more in depth message us.

Kiss those sloppy rigs goodbye 👋🏾

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