Pre Workouts - Why They Might Not Be Such A Good Idea

Your pre-workout isn’t helping! 🧠 “Pre-workout” drinks have become almost a staple for most gym goers these days.

There is some useful things we can do with supplements before a workout, but most pre-workouts are only designed to do one thing: get you a little high and give you the shakes for a couple hours - with added face-tingling so you really know its working! 🙄 Guys and girls, these drinks might be making you feel like you’re working harder on them but track your workouts and you’ll prob find you’re not actually working any harder - you’re just sweating more cos you’re jacked out of your brains. When it comes to muscle building work its more important to stay with the muscle while you train anyway than to just throw around as heavy weights as you can - so what benefit is the stimulant laden pre-workout giving to you anyway?

Join us as we explain why you should put down the ridiculous stimulant pre workout drinks and give you an alternative pre workout which actually does some useful things to prepare you for your workout.

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