Sugar Is Not Making You Fat!

Sugar is not making you fat... you eating too much sugar is, there’s a big difference. Recent studies have shown a drastic drop in sugar consumption over past few years but also a drastic increase in obesity 🤷🏽‍♂️ maybe sugar isn’t the issue and the issue is you’re just eating to much of it. Similar to if you eat to much of anything you’ll get fat, it’s just a lot easier to binge on a 12 pack of donuts then it is on 12kilos of broccoli. 
From a fat loss perspective alone the body will drop fat at the same rate whether you have 100% your carbs coming from sugar or 0grams of sugar in your diet provided you have the correct energy balance. 
Do I recommend you load your diet with sugar? No! The issue is that sugar has no other nutritional benefit to it other then its calories where as other carb sources are far richer in micronutrients and will bring OTHER benefits. So my suggestion is a healthy balance of both, have majority of your carb sources from nutrition dense foods, stay in a calorie deficit (if your goal is fat loss) and then if you have calories to spare after meeting your micronutrient target ... then have a damn boost juice post workout and stop blaming sugar cause you’re fat. Blame yourself cause you can’t stop eating it!

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