The Reality Of Calorie Deficits

I’m in a 500 calorie deficit but I’m not dropping any weight?”
Reality is you’re probably not in a calorie deficit. You think you are but in realistically you’re not. To be in a deficit you need the correct energy balance between calories in and calories out. Now people are real good at the calories in, counting your macros, sticking to a diet, MyFitnessPal you name it. The calories out is where people go wrong, they can be very unrealistic about how sedentary their life is, their definition of training like a beast is quickly redefined after a session at the lab or they simply just aren’t getting the sessions in during the week but they’re still getting the calories in. 
Of course there are exceptions to this and we’ll touch on them in other posts but for the vast majority of you, you’re simply not in a calorie deficit and need to focus on your energy balance (calories in vs out), get a step tracker and see where your NEAT is at during the day, pick up a few sessions from a good trainer and get them to push you. I generally like to fine tune a deficit by looking at activity first rather then dropping calories but can also certainly be the case that you need a calorie reduction in order to be in a deficit. ✌🏽

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