Magnesium is one of our favourite supplements because it does so many good things and most people are deficient in it.
80% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium! So we can’t be too far behind. 
Magnesium is responsible for 750 enzymatic reactions in the body.

Just some of it’s amazing benefits are:
✅ Improves brain function
✅ Improves insulin sensitivity
✅ Dampens Cortisol production
✅ Improves muscle contractions
✅ Improves the metabolization of fat, carbs and protein
✅ Improves sleep 😴

✅ Regulates hunger cravings

Stress depletes magnesium so if you are a stressed out individual you can count on yourself being low. 
The best way to check is by getting a blood test (Red Cell Magnesium) and checking your levels. 
To replete magnesium levels Chlorophyll and Magnesium Glycinate work well as Chlorophyll helps with Magnesium absorption ✌🏼 Dose will vary but most people generally take way too little of an amount to do anything beneficial.

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