Not Eating Carbs After 6pm Could Be Ruining Your Sleep

Not Eating Carbs After 6:00pm Could Be Ruining Sleep!!!
One of my favourite approaches for fat loss particularly for beginners or someone with a lot of fat to lose is Carb Backloading.
Carb backloading is where you put all your carbs at the end of the day either in your last meal or meals depending on your total amount of carbs. The reason for this is by placing your carbs at the end of the day this can help promote a higher quality sleep, you are more insulin sensitive at night and it can also aid with better recovery from your training. 
Something to consider though is the time of day you train as this can impact your backloading and where we’d place your carbs. Depending on your lifestyle, where you’re at with your training and when you train carb backloading may not be for you but if you tend to train in the evening it works perfectly!

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