Better Symmetry and Balance on stage - Weak Point Training

If you’re a bodybuilder, physique, figure or fitness competitor you should be analyzing your body and basing your program around improving your weak areas. Sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it but I see so many people just go back to the same program split after a show which doesn’t focus on bringing up their lagging body parts. 

As a natural intermediate and advanced lifter it’s hard to build massive amounts of muscle from show to show but by adding small amounts of muscle in the right areas you can dramatically change the look, shape and symmetry of your physique.

If you have weaknesses divert more of your training volume to them and take volume away from your strong points. This can often be hard for people as they usually really enjoy training their strong muscle groups (no wonder they are well developed 🤔) Train your weak points more frequently than your strong points. I like to hit weaker body parts 2-3 times per week depending on the body part and program.

Schedule higher calorie days and refeeds on days you’re training weaker body parts and maximize peri workout supplementation and nutrition on these days.

If you have weak points and they are not improving you should change your approach and try something else. Bringing better balance and symmetry to you body will pay off big time on stage trust me.

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