Cheat Reps vs Perfect Form

We all see them both in the gym. The guy who doesn’t break form one bit and the one swinging way too much as the pretty girl walks by, is either one wrong? No but there is a time and place for both!

Perfect form reps will give you far better isolation, activation through the targeted muscle group allowing for better growth and range of motion throughout reps.

Cheat reps, I would leave these to your intermediate & advanced gym goers who have a good understanding of what they are doing and trying to achieve by the cheat rep. But a cheat rep by means of using momentum to complete the rep (in a safe way) can be an excellent way of moving past plateaus. Another method is using a spotter to help you go beyond failure.

I would be keeping mostly all of your sets and reps with perfect form for your workouts and adding in a few cheat reps with progress past a certain point.

I should note also that not every exercise should have a cheat reps with it as it can become unsafe and dangerous, using another tool to progress past a plateau here is a better option. Hence why this method is better left to the more advanced out there.

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