Genetics is a huge factor in muscle growth and fat loss

Unfortunately most people who think they have ‘bad genetics’ hear this as ‘My genetics will never allow me to put on muscle or get ripped, why am I even bothering’. No. That’s not what the genetic variable means. What it means is YOU WILL NOT PUT ON MUSCLE / LOSE FAT AT THE SAME RATE, IN RESPONSE TO THE SAME METHODS, AS ANOTHER PERSON.

Your ‘bad genetics’ don’t mean you CAN’T put on muscle or lose fat. They just mean you won’t respond in the same way to a specific training program as someone who’s been gifted with good genetics for body composition. It IS a very real thing, there’s people out there who will literally pack on muscle just from lifting their groceries and can eat whatever they want while staying lean year round. Anyone who says there’s no genetic component to this is living in la-la land. People with good genes for body composition EXIST. Good for them. You’ll have to work harder than them. Accept it and let’s get to work.

Except in the most rare cases - you DO have way more muscle building ability and you CAN definitely get leaner. You just need a plan designed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Trying to just copy the plan that happened to work for your mate with bodybuilding genes is going to be about as useful as putting a screen door on a submarine.

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