How to make a pre-workout drink which actually works out

Here’s a pre-workout drink which actually works out. You can either drink this before you start training OR sip on it through the session. I’d say the answer for what is better will come down to workout length and digestion time. If you’re a big guy training for 1.5 - 2 hours then sip through the workout, if you’re training more intensely for just 45-60 mins then take the drink before you start training. If you find it takes you a little while to digest the drink then just take it all before training. Ingredients:

6gm EAA blend OR 30-50gm hydrolysed whey protein. The whey is a slightly better choice UNLESS you have trouble digesting it quickly, in which case go for the EAA’s. If you’re using whey take your bodyweight and halve it - this is how many grams to use. We want the contents of this drink in your blood stream ready to be used by the muscles that need it during your workout, so digestibility is the major decider here. Feel it out for yourself. These will direct protein synthesis, have an insulinotropic effect, enhance glycogen synthesis and even increase protein synthesis after the workout. All good things.

25gm -50gm EASILY DIGESTED carbs (cyclic dextrin / maltodextrin). Take your bodyweight and halve it - that’s how many grams of carbs to put into the shake. The two we listed above tend to have the fastest gastric emptying with the least bloating / gastric distress. This means those carbs are in the blood stream quickly, giving you a nice insulin spike, mediating cortisol, refuelling glycogen stores and giving you more energy so you can train harder.

15gm fat from MCT oil or Coconut oil IF YOU ARE TAKING THE DRINK FULLY BEFORE YOU TRAIN. The purpose of this is just to slow down the digestion of the above ingredients, which will be useful if you plan to finish the drink 15-20 mins before you start training. If you choose to start sipping the drink 15 mins before training and finish it through the session then don’t use this fat.

Good additions: 15gm creatine. 3gm taurine. An electrolyte blend. A proteolytic digestive enzyme.

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