Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

NEAT is basically everything we do that expends energy that isn’t sleeping, eating or exercising. It’s all the incidentals that fall between those, like walking to get a coffee, fidgeting at your desk, cleaning up the house etc.

While it’s nearly impossible to track NEAT one of the best methods to give a rough idea of how active someone is, is to count there steps via some sort of counter (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Pedometer). By tracking someone’s steps this can paint a picture of how sedentary someone is and how we can make them more of an active person.

Someone’s steps who are too low (generally below 8000) can cause Ghrelin (your hunger hormone) to rise. Your sedentary lifestyle is causing you to be hungry, then you eat more, your energy balance is off and there is not fatloss.

As a minimum you should aim for 10,000 steps daily and then build on that across a fat loss phase. At the end of the phase taper off back to 10,000 and maintain there or adjust dependant on goals.

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