Patience Is A Virtue

Impatient people rarely get the result they’re hoping for if any results at all. You have to understand that you spent a certain amount of time getting your body to where it is... maybe you had a bad week, month, for some of you it’s been a few bad years and now you want to reverse all that? Well don’t get to the end of week one look in the mirror and wonder why you’re not looking at a competitor.

It’s going to take time and patience probably more time then it did to get into the shape you’re in, so my advice is dedicate yourself to the daily challenge and worry about tomorrow when it comes. Of course have the larger picture in mind but your only real commitment is what you do today! That added up over time will get you the result you desire. But if you spend every day every & every week waiting to see the end result that’s going to take you 12 months to reach you’re going to drive yourself insane, flood your brain with negativity and probably end up falling off the wagon or giving up until next time.

Commit to the day, celebrate the small things and that over time will add up to who you want to see in the mirror.

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