With this week being peak week for a lot of competitors a lot of you will be f#cking up your preps by doing some stupid wizardry shlt 🧙‍♂️ You should already be looking stage ready before peak week. If you’re not you’re simply not ready. You shouldn’t feel the need to do anything stupid or different in the last week because you should be looking tight AF already. 

The last week is for reducing stress levels and inflammation to make you look even better. 
You do this by (a) eating more (bring your cals to maintenance or higher depending on how you’re looking and (b) Reducing your training volume and intensity. 

All the hard training is done you shouldn’t be smashing leg sessions where you’re crawling out of the squat rack as this will only bring inflammation and muscle damage to the area. You want fully recovered and full muscles for stage day. Good Luck to everyone competing this weekend ❤️❤️

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