Task to start this week

Fun task to start this week: pick a muscle group that you’re trying to force growth on right now. Think of two movements you constantly do for these muscles. Like the movements you’ve been doing since before kombucha was a thing. If we use chest as an example I’m gonna guess flat bench press and incline dumbbell press fit the bill for about 90% of you.

You will not do these movements again for 5 weeks. Not even a little.

Now pick 2 movements that YOU NEVER DO for that muscle group. Something whack. Not some silly shit where you just can’t even feel the target muscle working - pick something which works well BUT THAT YOU NEVER DO.

You will replace your go-to movements with these 2 new ones for the next 5 weeks. Pick sets and reps in line with your program, then RECORD WEIGHTS every session. The movement is new which means your strength will go up rapidly on it between sessions as your nervous system learns to groove the pattern. Stick to the reps you’ve chosen, lift heavier each session, take the muscle to failure.

After 5 weeks you can bring your precious bench press back into the mix. You’ll probably be stronger on the movements you cut out for 5 weeks because you gave your system a break and gained strength through ranges or angles it’s not used to, which WILL carry over. And you’ll have gained some muscle which wasn’t there before. Thanks us later ❤️❤️❤️

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