What is Peri Workout Supplementation?

Supplementation that is used before, during or post workout to enhance performance and recovery.

Do you need it? 

In short. Not if you train like a P*ssy🐱 

If you train hard and with high volume for over an hour or do 2 sessions per day this is very beneficial for growth and recovery (in conjunction with a good diet obviously)

We know that doing only 3 sets of bicep curls to failure depletes 26% percent of muscle glycogen so it makes sense to replenish that ASAP and have more fuel and nutrients available to go to the muscle cells being trained. 

Also after your session the priority should be to replenish that lost glycogen ASAP for optimal recovery. 
Our favourite peri workout supps are Whey, BCAA, EAA, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Vitargo, Creatine, Electrolytes etc

Utilizing these supps before, during and post workout will take your results and training to the next level. 
Give it a crack.

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