What is Quality Sleep?

Quality Sleep is not something that will just HAPPEN to you. You need to take responsibility over it.

Training hard isn’t something that just HAPPENS to you. Dieting properly isn’t something that just HAPPENS to you - you have to make it happen. The same goes for quality sleep, which is JUST AS IMPORTANT as training and diet for fat-loss and muscle-gain results.

So can we just take a pill or herb to solve the problem? Steroids won’t make you jacked if you neglect the basics of training well. Protein shakes won’t make your body change in the slightest if you neglect the basics of dieting properly. And in the same way, some melatonin or valerian root won’t give you quality sleep if you ignore the basics of SETTING UP QUALITY SLEEP.
You ALL KNOW you need a dark bedroom and you need to get the F* off your phone a couple hours before bed or your brain WILL NOT start the processes it needs to set you up for useful sleep. And it’s not just about the blue light from the screen - it’s the fact you’re scrolling insta or Twitter or YouTube and it’s actively stimulating you. It wouldn’t be so bad if you were just looking at rolling footage of a waterfall or something calming like that. Step one: switch off lights and stop stimulating yourself with your phone like an hour or so before bed.
If you’re spending all night anxiously thinking, realise that isn’t normal and you need to either change your life or the way you think about life. “Oh but Eric that’s easier said than done” - ok, take the ‘easy’ route and live anxiously til you die. Your life, do what you want.

Pro tips: magnesium can help, it helps with hundreds of things including sleep so you should be taking it anyway. There’s different amino acids involved in sleep but you’re getting enough of these if your diet isn’t total trash so you probably don’t need to supplement with them. Your just so jacked up all the time you’re not giving your body the chance to go through the processes and start dialling down. Take some Passion flower or valerian root if you wanna try some herbal help, but remember these won’t override bad habits and neglecting the basics.

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