What is your biggest obstacle?

Maybe your biggest obstacle is yourself? Maybe what you need to do is get out of your own way, out of your own head and then you will be able to move forward.

Some people are so stuck in their own ways, in what they believe and so deeply to the point where it is holding them back. Maybe you grew up being told breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Maybe you’ve been told not to eat carbs after 6:00pm, maybe you’ve been told that doing planks and crunches will give you abs, whatever it is a lot of people have been fed information or grown up a certain way that now they live and die by it and any new concepts outside of that just seem wild and crazy.

In order to move forward you may need to step aside and allow new information and new ideas to come through from new sources, what you’re comfortable with is probably what feels safe to you, you need to get uncomfortable and eat a steak for breakfast!

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