Being Cheap Is Very Expensive

This goes across the board, if you’re someone who by nature is cheap you can expect to get less then optimal results. If you’re always out hunting for the best price versus quality you’re going to be missing out.

This is really common amongst supplements particularly those buying the bulk containers on special from the supermarket. The irony of this is you’re buying them to save money but they’re made to such a poor quality that they aren’t giving you the benefits they’re meant to and you’re just wasting your money.

Same goes for when looking for a trainer, too many people are shopping for a trainer for the best price rather then prioritising a trainer who can get the job done. It baffles me why you’d go with someone for a cost and compromise the result which is why you got a trainer in the first place!

Food is another one, buying the poorest quality food to save a buck when you should be looking for the highest quality food your budget will allow. Buying poor quality food will lead to bigger gaps in your nutrition, making more of a need for supplements to fill those gaps which you’re just buying crap ones that don’t do what they’re meant to so now you’ve bought a bunch of low quality food with poor nutritional value... tried to fill the gaps with supplements that aren’t doing what they’re meant now you’ve wasted a bunch of money on food and supplements cause you didn’t want to spend a little bit more on quality.

Now don’t get me wrong we all have budgets to work with and can’t spend a endless amount on our health and fitness. Life’s expensive so my advice to you is instead of looking for the cheapest option, prioritise what’s important eg. food before supplements and once you’ve got your priorities straight get the highest quality option you can afford. You’re far better off putting the 1million tablet box of fish oil back and spending that cash on good quality foods from a market.

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