Often people ask should you cut or bulk first and my answer 90% of the time is cut first. 
I like to get rid of all the baby fat around the stomach and back and have clients at a relatively lean body fat percentage before starting a Mass Phase.

1) because I find when clients start our programs they usually build muscle and lose body fat anyway as Pete has (even though he was in a small calorie deficit) so they get most of the benefits of a mass phase anyway.

2) This leaner, meaner version of Pete will now be able to undertake a longer Mass Phase without becoming a fatty. We all know building muscle takes time and the longer we can be in a calorie surplus uninterrupted by mini cuts etc the better.

3) Being leaner may encourage better nutrient partitioning and insulin sensitivity meaning calories are now more likely to be used for building muscle in our mass phase than being stored as fat. 

Big congrats to Pete for this awesome transformation! 

10.7kg of fat mass lost
5kg of lean mass gained

Pete went from 19% to 9% body fat

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