Fat burners / steroids / SARMS

So many girls and guys asking about fat burners (from USELESS ones like Oxy Shred to controlled drugs like Clen or T3) and so many dudes asking for opinions on Anabolic Steroids (which work REALLY WELL but come at a physical cost) or SARMS (which won’t help ANYWHERE near as much as you’re hoping they will) without any idea of the PREREQUISITE standards your training and dieting have to reach for these things to be useful.

Look, truth be told no matter how bad your overall plan is you WILL probably lose a little fat if you start throwing Clen or t3 into your system. You’ll also completely fuck with your heart and thyroid in a way which might not ever repair because these drugs weren’t developed to be used the way you’re using them. I’d never recommend anyone use them. Similarly, no matter how bad your overall plan is you WILL put on some muscle if you start injecting anabolics. I’ve got no problems with anabolics and if you decide to use them then power to you - but that muscle WILL come at a cost, and if your drug use or overall plan is dumb that cost WILL out-weigh the benefits.

You need to think of these things as tools which you could use to ACCELERATE an ALREADY WORKING PLAN. This means if your goal is fat loss you ARE LOSING FAT week to week. If your goal is muscle gain you are progressing in the gym each week AND you can tell me exactly how many calories you’re on per day and how this has been mapped to your training. THEN you could consider using these things to accelerate the process.

90% of people who decide to start throwing this stuff at their system don’t actually have a plan that’s working though - they have a “plan” that has stopped working by all measures and may actually be making them go BACKWARDS. Throw some chemicals at the problem maybe that will somehow make that same plan work? It won’t.

Using these things is a choice and for most people it’s a dumb choice. Not only will they NOT get the physique they desire from them, if they just TRAINED AND DIETED PROPERLY for more than a week they would get to their goal physique without needing to throw money down the drain and their body’s against a wall.

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