How to coach someone

Coaching people is a very individualised approach and the way you talk and communicate can be very important to your clients training and overall result.

There’s definitely no one size fits all but the way you interact can dictate how you want your client to perform. For example if you want your client to perform with max efforts and intensity then you need to replicate that through your own language. If you’re asking your client to really slow down a movement and focus on technique you’re not gonna be screaming in their ear to give it everything they’ve got. By the same token of you need them to get their ass moving and lift the intensity then the way you communicate needs to match that, get vocal with them!
Same can be said for coaching with your hands to aid in mind to muscle connection where it may be lacking or to dictate the range of motion you want from your client.
Not only will you get a better result from their training, your clients will love the sessions more, you’ll look like a better trainer on the gym floor attract new clients and retain them for longer.

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