“I just want to tone”

We hear this a lot. Please understand there is no training program designed to TONE. “Toned” means defined. “Defined” just means you want to get rid of the fat that’s sitting on top of your muscles, so that you can see the muscles a little better - they’ll have more definition to them. Again, to recap - what you want is some muscle on the sites you wish to see tone on and then FAT LOSS so that muscle shows through.

If you’ve told someone that your goal is to TONE and that person has sold you a program designed to ‘TONE’ with a cookie-cutter diet and a bunch of high-rep bodyweight exercises then you’ve just bought something useless from someone who knows what they’re doing is cheating you but they don’t care.

Wanting to look TONED is fine, and a great goal to have. In most cases what it means is you want to LOSE FAT. You need a plan for fat loss. One which has been designed intelligently, and which changes every couple of weeks as your body adapts to it. Is this what you currently have? If not, don’t waste any more time. Let us write up a plan for you, we LOVE to help!

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