Is Your Coach a Good Coach or a Great Coach?

The whole reason you got a coach in the first place is because what you are currently doing wasnt moving you towards your health and fitness goals. Obviously something needs to change.

Now a good coach is going to meet with you and give you a plan to get you where you want to be. And it’s on you to re-arrange your life and the cosmos to fit that plan in. Working 9-5? Got 3 kids waiting at home? No problems I’m just gonna need you to do 12,000 steps a day, train 5-6 days a week, sleep 9 hours a night, drink adequate water, take these supplements, fit cardio in on top of that, don’t forget you’ve got to meal prep and cook the kids nuggets to while solving the Davinci Code.

A great coach is going to gather all that information first and build a plan for you that fits in with your lifestyle. For a lot of us we’d love to have all the time in the world to prioritise our health and fitness goal, but this is 2019 ain’t no body got time for that. People need smart customised plans for their unique situation, not the situation of a pro bodybuilder who doesn’t work a day.

Finding out how many meals suits a schedule, how many days they can realistically make it to the gym, how basic NEAT can be introduced to their routine if needed, even down to the food preferences a client prefers, all of this is extremely important to making a plan that is sustainable long term and can deliver results.

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