It’s just one meal, surely one meal won’t make any difference

Let’s break that down a little. Say you’re an average person who’s maintenance calories sit at around 2400 and you’ve got some fat loss goals so you’ve been eating around 1900 to create a calorie deficit.

And let’s say you’ve gone to Grilld (for all you playing along at home that’s a healthy burger joint here in Aus) for that “one meal”. You’ve gotten yourself a Crispy Bacon and Cheese (738cal), regular chips (617cal), lil dipping sauce for those chips (212cal) and to top it all off you throw down a tub of halo top (320cal). Totaling up at 1887cal (approx). Now cause you’re heading out to dinner you probably skipped a meal so that’s saved you 500cal of your daily 1900cal. So for the day once you’ve eaten 1500cal + 1887cal at dinner so your new total is 3387cal. Almost 1000cals over your maintenance level on a Healthy Burger and Calorie Friendly Ice Cream... Imagine the damage you’re doing when you’re not holding back with calorie friendly options. Simply by having that “one meal” you could easily be hitting 1, 2 even 3 days worth of calories in one meal probably on top of most of your normal meals. It’s not hard to do when enjoying yourself. One of the biggest differences between dramatic transformations is that “one meal” either showing a little restraint (or a lot depending on your calories) or even not having a cheat meal each week 😱😱😱 (I know I said it).

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