Muscle gain 101

Guys, firstly stop with the circus stuff. The reason your biceps aren’t growing isn’t because you need to be doing some twist and flair ballerina thing with your wrists when you train them. How much weight do you use on a simple dumbbell curl and at what rep specifically do you fail? Have you fought to get an extra rep or move up on weight each time you go in to train them?

Find movements which get into the target muscle and allow you to bring it to failure. If a movement just gasses out your entire system (eg back squats / deadlifts) then swap it out for a movement that lets you get into the target muscles (leg press / RDL). 2-3 movements per muscle group. Record your top working set - what weight you used and exactly what rep you failed at. The rep you failed at = the rep which you WENT for and TRIED to complete to full range but could not. It doesn’t mean what rep did you start to feel tired at.

Check your notes in every workout and FIGHT to get an extra rep every time you go in. Once you’ve reached the top of the rep range you decide to work at for that movement, move up on weight. Don’t be afraid to go up incrementally using the little baby plates if you need to. Fight to get PB’s every session and take notes. Rotate movements out every 4-8 weeks as you start to max out on your strength gains.

If you hit a muscle correctly it’ll grow for around 72 hours after the session. Then you’ll wanna hit it again. The split that does the best job of this is push / pull / legs / rest / REPEAT.

Hit your muscles HARD and hit them often. They don’t need circus tricks, they just need good quality work.

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