Recovery and Fatigue

If you’re not recovering properly then your workouts will all start to suffer, and you won’t be growing from them anyway because muscle growth is all down to good recovery.

There’s two things that I’ve found play the most havoc on recovery: 1 keeping training volume too high when you drop calories OR increasing training volume and not bringing calories up to match and 2 neglecting post workout nutrition.

1) you MUST be mapping your nutrition at a Calories / Macros level to your training volume, and vice versa. It takes calories to recover from training, and the more HARD training you do the more calories it takes to recover. I see plenty of people who drop their cals to diet down or go into a mini-cut but neglect to bring training volume down along with the cal reduction and end up driving themselves into the ground real quick. You need to see macros and training volume as intimately linked to each other, when one goes up the other will need to go up soon too, when one goes down the other should go down too.

2) post workout nutrition doesn’t just mean a protein shake. What it means is replacing what we lost when we trained PLUS boosting what we’ll need to recover. Electrolytes, magnesium, a quick digesting carb, and protein straight after your train. More magnesium, plus Zinc and a vitamin B complex later that night. Basically everyone will be deficient in these, especially if you train hard. If you add them in you WILL feel a massive difference in your recovery between sessions.

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