Before adding sets, intensifiers or any fancy supersets etc to your program your rep quality should be perfect. If you can’t execute reps properly, hit or get close to true failure and generate enough intensity from your sets then you have no business adding more volume or intensifiers to your training.

Often people get our programs and say "is that it?” As the workouts can look simple and quite short on paper but when executed correctly with intensity the person can barely finish the workout 😂

Of course if you do the workout with p*#@ poor intensity it will be easy.. anything will, no matter how many sets or intensifiers you add in.

Training is not an endurance event where you just keep going for hours doing sets with barely any intensity. Thats not how you get results. This doesn’t challenge you enough to force your body to grow. 
If you’re able to generate maximal intensity you really don’t need that many sets to stimulate maximal growth.

Generating maximal intensity is a skill which takes time to acquire. This is why sometimes we use more volume with beginners as we know that it is most likely not going to be executed at 100% intensity each set. 

As a lifter gets more advanced they learn to annihilate their muscles with very little volume. 

If you’re a beginner focus on improving your rep quality before adding in advanced techniques.

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