Spend January To Getting Results For The Entire of 2019

How you start is how you finish. Make a good strong start to the year and that will set the scene for the remainder of 2019.

1. Times your bodyweight in pounds by 0.66 and then divide that by 33 that’s how much water you drink from now on.

2. Figure out what time you need to wake up in the morning to comfortably get ready for the day, now go back 9 hours that’s when you go to bed from now on.

3. Everyday you’re going to go for a 30min walk, not fast, not slow, just a good stroll.

4. Take your bodyweight in KG times that by 28, download my fitness pal and put all the food and drinks you consume in a day (honestly) into that app and make sure it’s less then that original number.

5. Smile be happy, quit complaining and don’t drink like a knob.

This is my 5 step plan to starting 2019 right, hit this for January and you’ll have some pretty good foundations for the rest of the year.

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