The 7 Primal Movements

This should be your bread and butter for training. To train and perform optimally you should be able to complete some sort of movement in all 7.

- Squat
- Hinge/Bend
- Lunge
- Push
- Pull
- Twist
- Gait

If you are lacking through one of these movements due to lack of experience, or a previous injury this needs to be addressed. It’s not okay to say “oh I just don’t push anything overhead”. The longer you neglect it and train around it the more likely more issues will arise from it and limit your overall ability to perform.

Ideally I like to get a client to be able to or work towards being able to.

- Overhead Squat
- Deadlift
- Reverse Lunge
- Shoulder Press
- Pull Up
- Wood Chopper
- Stair Master

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