Everyone seems to have opinion on carb timing. Should you eat carbs in the morning, before training, after training or before bed? Everyone seems to have a different approach to carb timing. The truth is you should eat carbs in all of those meals.. if you can. Meaning if you’re on a heap of calories and carbs you would probably want them spread across the day rather than one or two big hits. 

Where carb timing becomes more important is when the calories and carbs start to drop and you don’t have enough to spread them across every meal.

This is when you need to prioritise. I always have pre workout carbs at the top of the priority list. Most people tend to train and perform better with carbs in the pre workout meal. After that the next priority is post workout meal carbs. Generally most of my clients feel best with carbs around the workout. After that it really comes down to personal preference. Some like carbs in the evening and some like carbs first thing. Find out what works best for YOU. Do you feel more energetic and focused with carbs in the morning or not? Do you sleep better with carbs in the evening? What works best for you?

Regardless of what sort or carb timing strategy you go for its not going to have any direct effect on fat loss. That will come down to being in a calorie deficit.

It can however have an indirect effect on fat loss though. If you’re performing better you’ll burn more calories, lift more and build / maintain more muscle which will be beneficial to body composition and calorie expenditure.

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