There are 2 roads that lead to muscle hypertrophy. One is through progressive overload and one is through focusing on mind muscle connection. You can’t deny either of these methods work as we all know people who have had success using both methods of training exclusively.

It seems most coaches are very opinionated when it comes to training methodology and become very narrow minded in their approach to building a quality physique. This usually leads to them only focusing on progressive overload or only focusing on mind muscle connection.

Im here to tell you that if you’re not focusing on both you are leaving results on the table. You need to focus on both for maximal hypertrophy.

Your program should have elements focusing on progressive overload and elements which focus on connection with the muscle for maximal and optimal stimulus.

You can implement this easily by starting your training sessions with two exercises that focus on progressive overload - These are your primary movements that usually stay the same across multiple Mesocycles. Then moving on to 3-4 exercises that focus on mind muscle connection (You should still be aiming to progress on these lifts but not at the expense of less connection with the muscle). These exercises are more interchangeable across Mesocycles.

This is just one example of how you can implement both methods into your training sessions. Another way to do it would be to have a day dedicated to each in your Microcycle (Daily Undulating Periodization). Really depends how your training and periodisation is set up.

The point of the story is implement all methods that stimulate muscle hypertrophy and don’t be bound by one approach.

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