Have you made really impressive gains in the first year or so of lifting and watching what you eat? Now things have slowed down and you’re making no progress doing what you were doing. 

Well you’re not alone 90% of the people who search out our help are at the same point in their training. We call this period of rapid gains the honeymoon period. This is the time when you begin training and no matter what you do you gain muscle and progress really well. Unfortunately that period doesn’t last forever and eventually this honeymoon period will come to an end. It can become very frustrating as what you were doing just doesn’t seem to be having the same effect anymore.

So how do you keep the gains coming after this period? 

This is the time where you need to start getting a bit more calculated with your training and nutrition.

Simply training hard and eating reasonably well won’t be enough. 

After the honey period you’ll want to start implementing:

1. Training Periodisation - Periodisation is the organisation of your training into blocks with smaller more specific gaols. This allows us to focus on specific goals in specific blocks. The length of these blocks depends on your your goals and priorities for training.

2. Tighter nutrition adherence - Tracking calories and macros so you can see exactly what result your current nutrition is having on your results. Also having the right macronutrient breakdown and periodising your nutrition plan.

3. Measuring your progress - Using callipers, measurements and body weight to track your progress so you can make adjustments based off of the results your measurements yield. 

4. Possibly supplementation to optimise your results.

At Strength Lab we specialise in taking on people who have reached this intermediate period of their training. If you’ve noticed your honeymoon period is over and your results have slowed down.

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