With a sh*# load of xmas parties coming up. This is a question I’m getting daily. Most of our clients goals at the moment are fat loss for the summer months. Alcohol and xmas parties don’t traditionally mix with cutting right?

In this post I’ll give you the magic formula to hit the piss and not halt your fat loss progress.

Ok, so within your diet your biggest priorities are Calories and Protein intake as these are going to give you the most bang for buck in terms of fat loss and recovery. So we don’t want to mess around with that. Your fat and carbs intake can be adjusted.

Staying in a calorie deficit is the key to making this work 🔑 

So for example if you’re a female on 1540 calories with macros of 120 protein / 130 carbs / 60 fat you have 130 carbs and 60 fat to play wth (this equates to 1060 calories). Now you probably don’t want to use all those calories for alcohol as you’ll most likely be pretty hungry (although you can). Even if you take only 540 calories for alcohol and leave the rest for food should be plenty if you drink the right alcohol.

So what does this look like?

Basically eating protein, fat and veggies for your meals and using your carb calories for alcohol OR eating protein, carbs and veggies and using your fat calories for alcohol OR using half fat and half carbs etc (your choice). Just leave out 540 calories from either carbs, fat or a mix of both. 
With 540 calories you can have: - 7-8 Vodka Sodas
- 4-5 Glasses of wine
- 4-5 Beers

If you’re wanting to drink more take more calories from your carb and fat macros. 
Obviously this is not going to be optimal for your results if you do it everyday but for social events its fine.

You won’t mess up your fat loss progress and you’ll still be able to drink with your friends at your xmas party.

Thank me later.

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