The diet your favourite instagram ‘Fitness Influencer’ probably goes on and on about along with their 4 hour morning routine which starts with them getting up at 5am #dedicated 
Keto has developed some sort of cult following over the last few years because we all want to be ‘fat burners’ right? 😂

The Keto Diet is a low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet which switches your bodies primary fuel source from glucose to ketone bodies. Glycogen levels deplete and the body starts to produce ketone bodies from fatty acids to make up for the lack of glucose to fuel your bodies energy demands (very simple explanation)

Now is this diet necessary for fat loss? Well no.. But for some it works really well and like everything it depends on the person and situation. We are not for or against Keto at Strength Lab. Like everything it is a tool to use for the right person (not a belief system that makes you part of a cult). But we don’t use it with every client who comes through the door, we wouldn’t even use it on 5% of the clients we have. 

Keto also does not effect your rate of fat loss. Meaning you will not lose fat faster doing a keto diet. You may have better energy levels though.. The down side is Keto can be quite restrictive and hard to adhere to which can make it hard because it does take a while get into Ketosis and to adapt to to the diet so you need to really be on top of it. If you’re sneaking in a carb ’treat’ every second day it’s pointless.

If the Keto diet interests you give it a try and see how you feel. If you like Donuts, Oatmeal and fruit like me stick with a more carb based diet.

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