The Most Important Thing To Consider In Order To Reach Your Goal

Whether you are training yourself or whether you’re a coach helping others the number one thing you must consider across the board with any decision you make is adherence.

When it comes to exercise selection for a program you must consider adherence, is the client going to do that exercise and have some sort of enjoyment from it. If you’ve got a male who feels hip thrusts are a more feminine exercise while it is a great glute developer (and while he needs a readjustment of his mindset) he’s likely to skip it in his program or only do it when da bois aren’t around.

Diet selection, not only the type of dieting approach you want to take but the foods in it, adherence needs to be considered. Is the client going to stick to this long term, are they going to enjoy the foods their eating while still seeing results. If you’ve got someone who gets up in the morning and worships their toast like it’s their religion... keto probably isn’t a smart idea. While a great dieting tool (sometimes) the adherence to it is probably going to be pretty low with a carb fiend.

Adherence equals high compliancy, high compliancy equals results, results equal happy client, happy coach and long term success.

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