The Perfect Training Program

We are all on a mission to find the perfect training program. *Newsflash* it doesn’t exist. 

No one program is going to give you all the perfect stimulus and movements to make progress in all areas of your body to achieve all your goals at once. This is why we use periodisation. Periodisation is just the organisation of your training into blocks with smaller more specific goals. 

This allows us to focus on specific goals in specific blocks. The length of these blocks depends on your your goals and priorities for training.

Things to consider when planning your training blocks:
- different stimulus for hypertrophy e.g building strength, accumulating volume, metabolic damage, hyperaemia / pump training
- Weak Points / Priorities for training
- Relationship between Volume, Intensity and Frequency - Cant focus on all at once
- Central Nervous System recovery / Muscle Recovery 

Obviously you can’t do everything at once (not effectively anyway) so breaking your training down into smaller blocks with different focus for each makes sense.

So instead of searching for the perfect program create the perfect 6 or 12 months of training where each 3-6 week block has a purpose for your long term goal.

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