There is beauty in simplicity

I see it all the time, gen-pop programs with way to much unnecessary crap throughout them. Gym programs with a million supersets, drop sets, giant sets and these are all useful tools which have their time and place. But some of these programs are loaded to the brim with volume way above what the client needs and often enough its all to “impress” the client, oh wow look how complicated this program is my coach must be good!

Same goes for nutrition, all these different days high cal, low cal, carb cycling, again all very useful tools which have a time and place for the right client with the right level of experience. But for the vast majority of GenPop they need simplicity in their lives, they’ve already got a whole bunch of other things to worry about, they’ve come to you to “a” get them a result and “b” make it easy for them. Clients won’t love you for your super complicated wizz bang plan they will love you if you can get them a result and make their lives simpler by doing it!

Don’t over complicate what doesn’t need to be over complicated for the sake of trying to impress your client.

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