Training for BODY COMPOSITION is NOT THE SAME as training for STRENGTH!

Training for BODY COMPOSITION (fat loss and muscle growth on specific sites) is NOT THE SAME as training for STRENGTH (how heavy you can push or pull things).

This might seem pretty intuitive. So then why are we still getting truckloads of dudes come to us who are desperate to build muscle and lose fat yet their program is just bench, pull-ups, dips, squats and deads as heavy as they can go for short sets of explosive reps, week in week out? Why?

Quit looking at @larrywheels or @dangreenpowerlifter thinking you just have to lift heavy enough and soon you’ll look like them. Firstly you’re not thrashing enough gear to get anywhere close, and secondly if you were going to get big from powerlifting YOU WOULD ALREADY KNOW IT. Your genetics would have revealed themselves to be exceptionally responsive to strength training, and you would have started packing on size within the first 6 months of training. If that’s not the case then SNAP OUT OF IT.

You need to get tension on specific muscles, you need to manipulate that tension in different ways, you need to accumulate a ton more volume than you are currently doing and you need to start doing sets of more than 6-8 reps.

These dudes are coming in here and the first program I write for them WILL HAVE heavy sets of 6-8, but those will be riding alongside sets of 15/18/20, filled with heaps of isolation work, compound movements they haven’t even done before, giant sets to accumulate as much volume as possible, strict rest times of about 45-60 seconds, and not a squat or bench press in sight. And they’re packing on muscle where we want and losing fat at the same time. Why? Because this stuff isn’t that hard if you use your brain for about a millisecond.

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Peace xxxx

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