What's the problem with dropping calories too low (or jacking them up too high)?

There’s a major issue with people dropping cals too low or bumping them too high without MAPPING THEM CAREFULLY TO THE INTENSITY OF TRAINING REQUIRED FOR THEIR GOALS. Here’s what I mean:

People have this ridiculous idea that good physiques are “80% diet and 20% training”. Wrong. This is flat out WRONG. The kinds of physiques people are trying to create are ones which look genetically superior (developed glutes and hammys on a comparatively small waist for girls / developed shoulders and upper shelf on a comparatively small waist for dudes) PLUS a level of muscular development depending on personal preference PLUS a level of leanness which accentuates that muscle development and shows a certain level of fitness. How exactly is dumping your calories down to nothing or shovelling down mass-gainer protein shakes while doing the same BS training program you’ve been doing for three years going to do that? Dieting without a really intense and well-executed training program is NOT pushing your physique toward the kind of physique you want. Simple as that.

This is a balancing act between providing enough calories that the body can build muscle and fuel / recover from INTENSE training WHILE ALSO limiting calories so it doesn’t end up spilling over into fat gain.

If people dump calories too low they can no longer train with any intensity which means they can’t grow or maintain muscle which means they are just working towards a physique which looks emaciated and starved. If calories get shot up too high without the training needed to send those calories in the direction we want it’s just gonna spill over into fat gain. THESE ARE NOT YOUR GOALS so quit it.

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