What's the RIGHT way to train?

You know a guy who got really jacked doing a stronglifts 5x5 program. Your mate knows a guy who got jacked doing a super high volume mountain-dog style bodybuilding program. Your other mate knows a guy who got jacked doing calisthenics.

You know a girl who got super fit doing F45. Your friend knows a girl who got super fit doing a bodyweight squat and jumping-focussed ‘booty’ program she bought off some chick on Instagram. Your other friend got super fit training bodybuilding style in prep for a bikini competition.

They’re all arguing about what the correct way to train is, and they all have evidence of their training style working. So who is CORRECT? Who has figured out the RIGHT way to train? None of them. They’re all WRONG to be arguing about it because the variables they’re arguing about ARE NOT THE RELEVANT VARIABLES. In other words, if someone says the correct way to fly is like an airplane. And someone else says the correct way to fly is like a helicopter. And someone else says the correct way to fly is like a sparrow flies. NONE OF THEM ARE CORRECT. Flying is clearly not just dictated by having wings or blades or feathers - there’s a deeper truth underlying all of these which dictates wether you leave the ground, and IF YOU UNDERSTAND THAT TRUTH then you can use this knowledge to make different things fly.

It’s the same with fitness. If you are trying to get exceptionally fit by picking any of the SYSTEMS out there because your friend said it worked for them or you saw some dudes on the CrossFit games who looked jacked or a ripped / strong dude on insta said it works then ALL YOU’RE DOING is closing your eyes and crossing your fingers and hoping the system that worked for them will happen to work for you. For every person who has built a jacked body from any fitness system I can show you 10 people who look worse after many months of effort at it.

You don’t need another random training SYSTEM. You need someone who understands how this stuff works at a deeper level so they can create a program for you and ADJUST THAT PROGRAM ON A WEEKLY BASIS AS YOUR BODY ADAPTS TO IT.

So message us and we’ll do exactly that.

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