Why you may have lagging body parts

You train like an animal but still have that one or two body parts that are lagging behind the rest. 
Improving these areas will really bring more balance to your physique. 
The biggest reasons we see lagging body parts is due to:

1. Technique Issue’s - Yes we do online coaching but we usually get our clients to do at least some personal training with us as we see training technique as one of the biggest road blocks holding our clients back. In our consults most online clients say they are very confident with their training but once we actually get them in the studio unfortunately it’s not up to scratch. 

2. Lack of mind muscle connection - those lagging muscles are usually the ones you have the least mind muscle connection with. You get the least pump and blood flow when training them. Stripping the weight back and focusing in on the movement can make massive improvements.

3. Programming and periodisation - Bad programming and lack of periodisation are usually a big factor also. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result. If it’s not working change your approach. Don’t just keep doing the same thing. 

Implement this and watch your weak points improve.

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