You NEED days off if you’re doing things right

Guys, RECOVERY days are just as integral to your programming as TRAINING days. It’s MEGA taxing on your body to build muscle. You might feel real tough being team ‘no days off’ but the fact is if you can train just fine every day of the week you probably just aren’t training very hard. This doesn’t apply if you’re a total newbie or using a lot of anabolics, but if you’ve been training for a few years and you do things properly then you should generally be training at an intensity where you NEED days off consistently.

If a client is on a split like Push / Pull / Legs / rest / Push / Pull / Legs / rest this isn’t because I know they’re a little girly-man who needs to lay on the couch every fourth day. It’s because I know they’re pushing themselves fkn hard for three days they NEED to give their body a day to GROW rather than being torn apart in the gym again.

It takes a lot of resources to build tissue, if your body is constantly being thrown to the wall with intense training how is it supposed to relax, get into in anabolic state and build some quality muscle?

You can take this a step up and program RECOVERY days specifically after the days you train your focus muscle groups. I’m hammering my chest and arms for this block so I train those muscles on mondays and thursdays and have programmed rest days on the days after (tuesdays and fridays) - so I can divert as many resources to building that tissue as possible.

Stop thinking about them as REST days that you just take when you’re feeling lazy and start programming in RECOVERY days where you give your body the OPPORTUNITY to recover from the training you’ve been doing. Just make sure you’re training hard enough to warrant it.

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